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Propeller Guards

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Propeller guards are designed and fitted for carious reason, but the most important reason is safety: Safety to the operator, the occupants, marine life, environment and the motor itself.
Peter Hallett has been designing and manufacturing propeller guards for over 30 years, and is committed to safety. Using 316L stainless steel on Duplex 2205 to manufacture the propeller guards.
With work place health and safety and duty of care at the forefront in the event of an injury, A Hallett propeller guard will ensure that you are as safe as you can be.
Being pro active by fitting a “Hallett” propeller guard is better then being re-active after the fact and the legal implications that will follow.

Hallett propeller guards have been the preferred propeller guard fitted to Surf Life Saving motors, not only in Australia, but various Life Saving Associations throughout the world. Other organisations who use Hallett Propeller Guards include: Sailing safety/coaching boats.
Diving boatsunknown
Abalone fishing boats
Oil rig safety boats
SES Emergency recuse boats
Rowing coaching boats
RSPCA rescue boats
Boy scout/girl guide association boats
School marine study boats

Hallett Propeller Guards come in various levels of protection.

Level 1 – Ring Band only, with Skeg attachment
Level 2 – Ring band with 4 vanes
Level 3 – Ring band with 11 vanes – Surf Rescue
Level 4 – Ring bans, side vanes and rear vanes as well, for theme parks with sea lions, dolphins etc.

When selecting and fitting a propeller guard, ensure the wide open throttle RPM range is to the manufacturers specifications for that motors.
Re-pitching or cupping of the propeller may be required to achieve optimum performance.
Operating in the correct RPM range is vital to ensure optimum performance and safety.
When you fit a Hallett Propeller Guard, you will have peace of mind.